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Nova Sound is an audio technology company devoted to providing unique production tools to advance the entertainment industry. We provide; Professional Equipment, Virtual Instruments and Sound Kits for Music Production, Sound FX, Sound Libraries and Music for Post Production, Game and App Development as well as Ringtones for Mobile Devices. For all audio services, discover

  • Nova Sound unveils "Build Your Own Drum Kit" feature


    Nova Sound has incorporated a new feature into its new web platform which allows composers and beat makers to "Build Your Own Drum Kit" with ease from our drum library of dynamic membranophones at $1 a sample. Simply navigate through our catalog of percussion samples and build a production tool unique to your sound.


  • Nova, Sound Like Never Before!



    Nova Sound is an audio technology company, devoted to providing unique production tools that advance creativity and originality in the audio/entertainment/recording industry. We view ourselves as visionaries, devising one of a kind techniques and devices. Our goal is to present our customers with innovative tools to fuel their passion and profession. Through custom; soundware, audio plugins, virtual instruments, sound libraries, samples, and music technology, we provide; composer, producers, songwriters and audio professionals alike with the applications to maximize their potential.  Nova, Sound like never before.

    We also provide; music production, music licensing, field recording, post production, and other audio services through our partner company Nova Sound Productions

    Nova Sound is currently working on two product lines, The Nova Drum Units for music production and Sound Reservoirs for post production, game audio and mobile apps.

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