• Arcadion - Universal Music

Arcadion - Universal Music


by Nova Sound





Nova Sound presents  Arcadion.  A complication of 8 universal game musical compositions.  

48K 24 Bit Wav
Full Length and Loop-able 

Tracks Listing: 

1. Mosaic Of The Sky (Score) - Cinematic 

2. Space Booming (Instrumental) - Hip Hop

3. Angelic Gamer (Instrumental) - Hip Hop

4. Jingle Bells Arcade (Instrumental) - Holiday Hip Hop

5. Dance Chemist EDM (Instrumental) - EDM

6. 2D Desert (Instrumental) - Hip Hop

7. Gamers Reggae Riddim (Instrumental) - Reggae

8. Kanye West (Instrumental) - Hip Hop 

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