• Culinary Arts - Cooking and Kitchen FX

Culinary Arts - Cooking and Kitchen FX

Sound FX

by Nova Sound



Culinary Arts

Nova Sound present Culinary Arts. This sound collection consists of 210 large and small effects design from authentic recordings of cooking related activity and food preparation from gathering ingredients to cleaning up.

This sound collection includes: Cooking, Cutting, Frying, Seasoning, Scrambling, Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Dish Washing, Drinking, Cups, Mugs, Glasses, Beeps, Ovens, Freezers, Microwaves, Eatery, Restaurant, Kitchen Items and more



210 SFX/LFX - 44.1K 16Bit Wav. Stereo

Bottle Open

Refreshing Drink

Gulp Of Drink

Food is Ready Bell

Glass Down

Glass Up

Glass Fill Up

Chugging Drink

Mug On Counter

Glass On Counter

Glass On Counter 2

Drink Served Up

Kettle Placed

Cabinet Door Slam

Cabinet Door Closed

Cabinet Door Shut

Fridge Opened

Carton Out The Fridge

Kitchen Perc

Fridge Draw

Fridge Door Close

Freezer Open

Freezer Loop

Freezer Close

Big Freezer Open

Putting Something In Freezer

Industrial Freezer

Big Freezer Loop

Freezer Powering Up

Oven Beep

Toaster Oven Open

Toaster Oven Close

Toaster Oven Open Small

Toast Oven Tray

Toast Oven Load

Wok Pot

Toast Ovener

Toast Oven Program

Toaster Oven Heating 1

Toaster Oven Heating 2

Microwave Open

Microwave Close

Item In Microwave

Microwave Cooking

Kettle Boiling

Kettle Boiling Loop

Plate Down

Unwrap Food

Plate and Wrap Down

Unwrapped Food Package

Bread On Plate

Wrapper Package

Plate Down 2

Plate Slide

Bowl Counter Taps

Bowl Down

Cup Down

Kitchen Draw Open

Silverware Out Draw

Dish and Silverware

Cutting On Cutting Board 1

Cutting On Cutting Board 2

Cutting 1

Cutting 2

Cutting 3

Cutting 4

Cutting 5

Egg Carton

Egg Carton 2

Plate Slide 2

Slide and Plate

Mixing Bowl Down

Egg Out Of Carton

Cracking Egg

Cracked Egg

Cracking Egg 2

Cooking Misc

Seasonings On Counter

Silverware in Bowl

Pepper Seasoning

Closing Seasoning

Salt Salting

Cap Off Seasoning

Twist Top

Seasoning Glass On Counter

Sprinkling Seasoning

Light Seasoning

Seasoning Down

Scrambling 1

Scrambling 2

Scrambling 3

Scrambling End

Seasoning Bottle


Pealing Onion

Crushing Peppers

2 Knives

Chop Cut

Cut Chop Chop

Vegetable Drop In Bowl

Slice Cut

Slice Chop

Slice Deep Cut

Onion Cut Up

Cutting Chop Vegetables

Slice Smooth Cut

Veggy Cut Up

UnPackage Veggy

Stern Chop

Bowl Getting Closer

Chopping Cutting Loop

Knife On Cutting Board

Finish Cutting

Knife On Cutting Finish Choppin

Open Lid

Slide Cutting Board

Hard Chop

Sink Washing Culinary

Down Drain Culinary

Mixing Bowl Slide

Grind Slice

Veggys Sliced Up

Grizzle Slide Cut

Cut Up

Veggies Off Cutting Board

Produce Off Cutting Board

Cutting Board In Sink

Kitchen Sink

Shaking Up and Squashing

Scrambling Bowl

Bowl In Pot Cooking

Bowl In Pot Cooking 2

Bowl In Pot Cooking 3

Bowl Rinse

Cooking Utensils

Pot Placed On Stove

Bunch Of Pots

Bunch Of Pots 2

Stove Heating Up

Cooking 1

Cooking 2

Cooking 3

Cooking Aggressive

Light Frying

Tools When Cooking

Something Cooking

Microwave Door Above Stove

Frying Fry Cook

Frying Loop

Covering Up Frying Pan

Frying Fry Cook 2

Flipping Fry Cook

Fryer Fry Cook

Frying and Popping

Frying Utensil 1

Frying Utensil 2

Frying Utensil 3

Frying Utensil 4

Frying Utensil 5

Frying Utensil 6

Frying Utensil 7

Finishing Frying Fry

Fry Cooking Frying Soundscape

Fry Cooked To Completion

Breaking Frying

Serving Dish Placed

Petri Dish

Microwave Utilization Dish

Micro Door Shut

Cooking Cart

Cooking Cart Closed

Frying Up Popping

Still Frying Cooking

Subtle Plate Slide

Subtle Slice

Subtle Cutting

Subtle Slicing

Subtle Cutting Up

Washing Dishes 1

Cleaning A Dish

Dishes In The Sink

Washing Dishes 2

Washing Dishes 3

Washing Dishes 4

Washing Dishes 5

Washing Dishes 6

Washing Dishes 7

Scrubbing Dishes

Dishes In The Sink

Washing Dishes 8

Rinsing Dishes Off

Rinsing Silverware

Rinsing Dishes 1

Rinsing Dishes 2

Rinsing Dishes 3

Rinsing Dishes 4

Rinsing Dishes 5

Rinse Off Clean Up

Rinsing Dishes 6

Rinsing Dishes Bonus 

Industrial Freezer Loop

Heating Baking Loop

Sink Head Spray

Boiling Waters

Dynamic Down Drain

Dynamic Soda Cup

Dynamic Aquatic Sink

Dynamic Sink

Dynamic Raise Rinse

Dynamic Quick Rinse

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