• Explosive SuperNova - Explosion Sound FX

Explosive SuperNova - Explosion Sound FX

Sound FX

by Nova Sound



Explosive SuperNova

Nova Sound presents Explosive SuperNova. This sound collection consist of 20 explosive large sound fx including bombs and other forms of combustion.

Bomb, Explosion, Explosive, Flames, Fire, Blown, Transformer, Missile, Weapon, Electric, Grenade,

20 LFX Sound
44.1k 16 bit .Wav


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Explosive SuperNova

LXF - 20

Blown Transformer - Nova Sound
Bombed Explosion - Nova Sound
Burst Fireworks - Nova Sound
Cataclysmic Explosive - Nova Sound 
Catastrophic Explosive - Nova Sound 
Clysmic Explosion - Nova Sound 
Deep Fireworks - Nova Sound 
Electric Engine Explosion - Nova Sound 
Electrical Explosion - Nova Sound 
Explosive Nova - Nova Sound 
Frying Fireworks - Nova Sound 
Heat Waves Explosion - Nova Sound 
Nova Explosion - Nova Sound 
Roar Nova Explosion - Nova Sound 
Shock Blast - Nova Sound 
ShockWav Explosion - Nova Sound 
Short Explosion - Nova Sound 
SubAtomic Bomb - Nova Sound 
Super Explosive Explosion - Nova Sound 
Thunderous Explosive - Nova Sound