• Marksmens Club - Weapons FX

Marksmens Club - Weapons FX

Sound Master Collection

by Nova Sound



Marksmen's Club

Nova Sound presents Marksmen's Club. This sound library consists of 373 Small and Large Sound FX (including authentic recordings of several different firearms) featuring handguns and rifles. Inspired by first-person-shooter, War and Sporting games. 

Small FX and Large FX from the following Nova Sound collections: 

373 Sounds - 48K 24 bit Wav. Stereo 

A Nova Sound Master Collection

Gun Range - 100 Sounds 

Nova Reloaded - 100 Sounds 

C02 Shooter - 30 Sound 

Lever-Action Rifle - 31 Sound  

Cock & Shoot - 20 Sound

Nova AR 15 - 92 Sound  

Guns, Load, Cock, Fire, Gun, Bullet, Shot, Round, 9mm, Shooter, Shoot, Our, GunFire, Assault, Sporting, Automatic, Rapid, War, Airsoft, CO2, Lever, Action, Rifle, Handgun, Range, Revolver, Semi, Pistol, Magnum, Weapons, Club, First, Person,