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  • Nova Sound presents EgyptQuinoX

    Nova Sound presents  EgyptQuinoX. EgyptQuinoX, a cinematic hip hop experience. 

    48K 24 Bit Wav
    Full Length and Loop-able 

  • Nova Sound Presents The Drum BoxX

    Nova Sound presents The Drum BoxX, from the Nova Drum Unit plug-in series. The Drum BoxX is a fusion of old school hip hop samples remastered into 64 new sounds and modeled after the vintage drum machine. Great for; Old School Hip Hop, R&B, Scores and Sampling.  

  • Nova Sound FX at Pond5.com

    Over 2000 Nova Sound FX at Pond5.com. Pond5 has developed a user friendly platform making it easy for media composers to search and download assets they require for production. Play and purchase; Sound FX, Music, Drums and Percussion Samples at Pond5.com/NovaSound