• OSinQueNon - Meditation Musical Scores

OSinQueNon - Meditation Musical Scores


by Nova Sound




Nova Sound presents OSinQueNon.  A complication of 9 aquatic oceanic meditation musical scores and instrumentals.  

48K 24 Bit Wav
Full Length  

Tracks Listing: 

1. Forest Glow (Score) 

2. Paradise (Instrumental)

3. Prosperity (Instrumental)

4. Healing Waters (Score)

5. Heart and Mind (Instrumental)

6. Diary feat. Marcano Sax (Instrumental)(Cover) [Streaming Only/Not For Download]

7. Freedom Falls (Instrumental)

8. Bliss (Score)

9. Uphoria (Score)

10. Balance (Score)

Aquatic Oceanic Music - Nova Sound
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