• Sound Of War - Weapon FX and Music

Sound Of War - Weapon FX and Music

Sound Master Collection

by Nova Sound



Sound Of War


Nova Sound present Sound Of War. This sound library consists of war 295 sound fx and 2 battle style musical compositions. Including: Handguns, Rifles, Bombs, Explosives, Knives and more weaponry. Inspired by first-person-shooter and war games.

Guns, Load, Cock, Slide, Bullets, 9mm, Luger, 357, Magnum, Ammo, Revolver, Semi, Semi-Auto, Pocket, Pistol, Handling, Handgun, Fire, Shooting, Shot, ShootOut, Shoot, Out, GunFire, Hand, Guns, Assault, Sporting, Automatic, Rapid, War, Knifes, Knives, Swords, Warrior, Fighting, Battle, Field, Range, Bomb, Boom, Explosive, Explosion, Blades, Swords, Tools, Combat, Weapons, Swipe, Stab, Jab, Lung, Swoosh, Cut, Slice, Scissors, Cut, Blade, Machete, Darts, Sword, Swords, Duel, Fight, Flames, Fire, Blown, Transformer, Missile, Weapon, Electric, Grenade, Flames, Fireworks, Burning, Burning Flames

 48k 24bit Wav. Stereo



A Nova Sound Master Collection 

Sound Collections

- Nova Reloaded - Gun FX - 100

- Gun Range - Gun FX - 100

- Explosive Super Nova - Explosion FX - 20

- Blades and Sharp Objects - Weapon FX - 50

- Flames and Fireworks - Fire FX - 25

Musical Compositions

- Introduction To War

- Art Of War